Contingency & Dedicated Search

Our Contingency Search Agreement is an agreement that we can put in place with you which enables us to send you CV’s.

Most of the time when we are discussing a Contingency Search Agreement with you it is because we have a qualified candidate that we contacted you about and we would like to preset them to you.

Additionally once the Contingency Search agreement is in place we go through our proprietary database of radiologists that we have previously screened  and call them and present your opportunity to them.

Not to mention us emailing your job to the candidates that have asked to be added to our “JOBS” email list.

Although we have massive resources and are very successful with our Contingency Search, there is always the chance that a Contingency Search may not be enough.

We work the Contingency Search diligently with the resources we have.

The main difference between a Contingency Search and our Dedicated Search is Cold Calling.

With the Dedicated Search we go through our database, send out emails to our email list, post your job(s) – the works!

Additionally we research and compile lists of potential candidates that are closest to you and we contact them. We start in the state you are in and work our way out to the contiguous states to yours.

Usually by the time we have spoken to 100 candidates we have your hire.

Some searches may take longer and we’ll stay with it until you have filled your opening.

We put a specific recruiter on your search to work it unto completion.

You will be given regular updates.

* We are happy with either type search.

If your time to fill the position is growing short, whether you go with us or someone else we do recommend the Dedicated Search, especially if you have been looking for a while.

The Dedicated Search is a very focused and aggressive search for you. 

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